Visualisations of how MKE could look

Milton Keynes is identifiable by its network of beautiful green spaces, parks and lakes, the connectivity of its Grid Roads and Redways, a vibrant economy and strong community spirit. Milton Keynes East (MKE) will build upon and strengthen the qualities that make Milton Keynes a special and unique place already by delivering….

, linking Willen and Newport Pagnell for the first time, as part of a wider green wildlife network – while opening up over 2km of new riverside walks along the banks of the River Ouzel.


MILTON KEYNES’ FIRST BRIDGE OVER THE M1 FOR 50 YEARS, extending Milton Keynes Grid Road and Redway network into new territory, whilst weaving a landscape lattice of multifunctional green spaces throughout the new neighbourhood, EVOLVING THE GRID FOR PEOPLE AND NATURE.


The most significant provision of NEW MIXED TENURE HOMES IN MILTON KEYNES for a generation. Homes for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.


A LANDSCAPE LATTICE of parks, green routes and village greens WITHIN 5 MINUTES’ WALK OF EVERY HOME, encouraging neighbourliness, everyday chance encounters in SHARED, SOCIABLE SPACES and a strong sense of community.


MILTON KEYNES’ FIRST DEMENTIA-FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURHOOD. A safe, distinctive and legible environment supplemented by community orchards and allotments. A sensory place with familiar sounds and textures, helping people living with dementia to stay active and live comfortably for longer.


A SUSTAINABLE 15-MINUTE NEIGHBOURHOOD with a Community Hub at its heart, where walking and cycling is the natural choice. A place that ACTIVELY SUPPORTS HEALTH AND WELLBEING and encourages community spirit. A neighbourhood that is fit and flexible to accommodate the transport systems of today and FUTUREPROOFED for the transport systems of tomorrow.


Tree-lined streets, a new community orchard and woodland planting – restoring and enriching the natural environment. AT LEAST 50 TREES PLANTED FOR EVERY NEW HOME – an unprecedented tree-planting initiative that will deliver a net biodiversity gain. A neighbourhood with over 13km of nature enriched spaces on people’s doorsteps and 15KM OF RETAINED HEDGEROWS.


APPROXIMATELY 5,000 NEW JOB OPPORTUNITIES at the epicentre of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc. As the concept of the OXCam Arc in realised, MKE will exemplify its objectives of creating homes intrinsically linked to a wide spectrum of employment opportunities, STRENGTHENING MILTON KEYNES’ STRATEGIC POSITIONING AT THE HEART OF THE ARC.


New pathways through education, OFFERING OVER 3,500 PLACES to primary and secondary school pupils, along with exploring partnership opportunities with higher educational institutions. MKE will support training and apprenticeships to CREATE OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE IN MILTON KEYNES.


A place that is more ENVIRONMENTALLY RESILIENT to the effects of climate change, holding and gently releasing stormwater while restoring and planting up a landscape damaged by decades of intensive agricultural farming. MKE will deliver SUSTAINABLE PLACEMAKING FOR THE CONDITIONS OF THE FUTURE, including low carbon homes. MKE will be 1.5oC aligned.