Illustrative Masterplan

The Illustrative Masterplan below demonstrates how the site could be developed in accordance with the design framework and proposed Parameter Plans. The ambition for MKE is to create an attractive new community, including a range of amenities and open spaces. In summary, MKE will deliver:

  • Approximately 4,000 new homes across a range of character areas, providing a wide varietey of dwelling types and tenures.
  • Employment space along the M1 for a range of industries providing approximately 5,900 new job opportunites across the site.
  • A secondary school and 3 primary schools, delivering over 3,500 new school places.
  • A Community Hub at the heart of MKE, containing a range of every day uses to serve the new community.
  • A variety of landscaped open spaces weaved through the new neighbourhood, including a new 63ha district linear park along the River Ouzel corridor and approximately 90ha of green publicly accessible open space.
  • A well connected network of strategic highways and non-vehicular routes, including Redways, connecting the new neighbourhood to exisiting infrastructure and Milton Keynes.