Background to Milton Keynes East

In partnership with St James, Milton Keynes Council bid for £94.6 million of Housing Infrastructure Funding, which was successful in March 2020. The proposals, subject to planning permission being granted, will utilise Central Government Housing Infrastructure Funding to deliver essential early improvements to local infrastructure to facilitate the development. These will include a community health hub, the first new primary school and a dual carriageway over the M1 motorway to improve access to Central Milton Keynes and alleviate pressure on the existing highways network.

Milton Keynes East was allocated within Plan:MK, upon its adoption in March 2019. The new neighbourhood will deliver new homes, employment opportunities, significant early improvements to local infrastructure, including a community health hub, four new primary schools and a large new secondary school, a dual carriageway bridge over the M1 motorway, strategic open space including a new linear park and sports and recreational provision in line with the site allocation within Plan:MK. Please click here to view Plan:MK.

Under the planning policy in Plan:MK (policy SD12), development can come forward once funding for the necessary enabling infrastructure is in place and this is being delivered. The Housing Infrastructure Funding provides an opportunity to facilitate early delivery of this infrastructure and expedite the delivery of new homes and new jobs within Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes Council established the MKE Local Stakeholder Group to enable the local community representatives to inform the preparation of the Development Framework. The Local Stakeholder Group ran from July 2018 to March 2019 and influenced the fundamental principles established in the Development Framework.

In March 2020, the Milton Keynes East Development Framework Supplementary Planning Document was adopted by Milton Keynes Council. This established the vision, disposition of the land uses, development principles and  infrastructure requirements to ensure delivery of a comprehensive new neighbourhood. The Development Framework has helped shape the fundamental principles of the masterplan. Please click here to view the Milton Keynes East Development Framework SPD.

St James Group are now looking to bring forward proposals to create a new neighbourhood, where the community heart and infrastructure will be delivered early. St James Group are due to submit an Outline planning application for the housing and employment and a Detailed planning application for new highways infrastructure in Spring 2021. St James will also enter into a collaboration agreement with the other parties to ensure the site allocation comes forward in a coordinated and comprehensive manner.

Milton Keynes East underpins the Councils ability to meet its housing targets in the Plan:MK period, making unplanned and speculative development less likely.